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Charity Drive Ideas for Schools

Charity Drive Ideas for Schools

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Though school is one of the most fundamental assets in a person’s early life, it’s common for education facilities to experience a lack of funding or resources. Well-organized fundraisers and drives are perfect opportunities to get a school’s community involved and equip school staff and attendees with adequate supplies. If you’re looking to support your local students and educators, explore these charity drive ideas for schools.

Online Wishlist Drive

Faculty can narrow down their specific needs via an online wish list. Community members can refer to this wish list to purchase the desired items.

Online wish lists through retail stores such as Amazon are super convenient because they’ll deliver the orders right to the school. This kind of drive allows folks to support their schools from the comfort of their couch!

PPE and Sanitizers Drive

As some schools progress toward in-person learning, they’ve upped the requirements for masks and classroom sanitization. PPE and sanitizer charity drive ideas for school can help ensure the safety of faculty and students. Your drive’s list of requested items may include any of the following:

  • Disposable and reusable face masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitary wipes
  • Sanitary spray and extra paper towels

School Supplies Drive

It’s an unfortunate reality that not all families can properly equip their students with school supplies. With many classes having shifted to e-learning during the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for low-income students to access academic supplies.

Relieve some of the financial burdens from students and educational staff by hosting a school supplies drive. If your local schools are still participating in online courses, consider making requests for essential e-learning school supplies. Schools can then redistribute the materials accordingly.

Electronic Junk Drive

We’ve all heard the phrase “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” which is especially true when it comes to electronics. Ask parents in your local school district to finally sift through their junk drawers for old phones, tablets, and other electronics.

Old electronics still contain valuable components. You can profit off an abundance of “junk” by taking it to tech manufacturers or electronic stores. They’ll repurpose the electronic materials into usable technology.

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