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Online Reviews Lead to Local Paint Company’s Role in Alexandria’s Newest Art Installation on the Waterfront

As an Alexandrian, Patrick Coye of Patrick's Painting felt great accomplishment in being a part of an Alexandria public work. Read more here!


The impressive free hand line painting of the Patrick’s Painting team.
(all photos courtesy of Patrick Coyle)

Alexandria, VA – “It was fun to do something unique! We don’t get these projects every day,” said Patrick Coye, owner of Patrick’s Painting in Alexandria. “It gave me and my team a lot of confidence in our work.”

Coye’s business was selected to do the paint work for the new art installation at Waterfront Park in Old Town. Patrick’s Painting was established in 2007 but owner Patrick Coye has been involved in residential home improvement since 2003.

In 2020, Patrick’s Painting won American Painting Contractor Magazine’s “Top Job” award for a project they completed on the 700 blocks of Oronoco St. in Old town Alexandria. Their dedication to excellence in customer service has resulted in over 600+ positive online reviews. These reviews caught the eye of the artist of the art installation, Groundswell, Mark Reigelman.

“Mark found us online,” recalls Coye. “He liked the reviews he read and what people had to say about our work.”

Talk about the power of an online review! Throughout the journey to the deadline to getting the installation wrapped up on March 20th, communication was key. Due to COVID-19, Reigelman had to remain in New York while work on at the space on Waterfront Park was underway. This was in the form of daily emails and talking on the phone to make sure that everything was perfect for the artist’s vision.

“Mark and I really connected over the phone and knew we would make a great partnership for the project,” mentions Coye.

Getting the space ready for the new art installation.

All the floor painting, which involved coordinating the pressure washing and cleaning work that had to be done to prep the “canvas”, priming, and applying topcoats, was done by Coye’s team. All the painting work for the approximately 5500-6000 square feet space was done by three painters in just 82 work hours using six different variations of gray paint. All the work had to be done on a tight schedule due to rain and cold temperatures that are typical in late February and early March.

One of the biggest challenges that came up during the project came in the form of skateboarders.

“The team had finished the job on Thursday, March 18th and on Friday, March 19th, skateboarders skated through the space and scuffed up the flooring,” stated Coye. “Three of the guys from the team went out to do the touch-ups and fix the work just in time for the photographers to photograph the space on Saturday morning.”

Photo by Visit Alexandria VA

As an Alexandrian, Coye felt great accomplishment in being a part of an Alexandria public work. “I have a lot of pride for doing work in my own community,” Coye states.

If you have a chance, head down to Waterfront Park on of these warm and sunny days, and admire the part played by Patrick’s Painting team on the new art installation, Groundswell.

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