Help Needed: Supporting ACPS Teachers Through the Donors Choose Program

Teachers have received over $100K to date for supplies and technology

Photo courtesy ACPS

ALEXANDRIA, VA-Teachers with Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) have received exactly $100,816 from grants as part of the Donors Choose program. This program helps them obtain classroom supplies and technology. Teachers in various subjects – from math and science to sports and the arts – have received items necessary for success.

“It is important that we continually look for support opportunities so that teachers do not need to spend their money for supplies, said Dr. Greg Tardieu, ACPS Manager of Grants and Partnerships.”With Donors Choose, teachers can submit a proposal when a new idea or opportunity comes along and get it posted right away for support.”

View the list of Donors Choose projects for ACPS teachers HERE.

Contributions are sent directly to ACPS. Any item is allocated to the specific teacher who requested it will not have tax implications. This platform is tax deductible for donors. Supplies become the property of the school system.

Teachers are thankful for every donor’s support.

“I have been able to provide my students with individual learning kits during virtual learning that focus on developmentally appropriate activities,” said Pre-K Special Education Teacher Andrea Handel.

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