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Summertime Treats to Savor in Alexandria

The world around us is reopening! So many of our favorite restaurants and bars have managed to survive the last 14-15 months and are welcoming us back inside.

Goodies Frozen Custard
Goodies Frozen Custard and Treats is officially open after an extensive renovation of Old Town’s Iconic ICE vault at 200 Commerce Street between King and Prince Streets. (Image: Goodies Facebook)

Alexandria, VA – The world around us is reopening! So many of our favorite restaurants and bars have managed to survive the last 14-15 months and are welcoming us back inside. Much has changed and much has stayed the same.

In Grocery News

Aldi’s: (Photo courtesy of Aldi’s USA)

Aldi’s has lots of new products on the nearby horizon. Aldi’s is one of Alexandria’s newest and loved grocery store with lots of products we all enjoy. We’re ready to try brioche buns with everything (bagel) seasoning. Sweet dough with the tangy spices like onion, poppy seeds, and sesame, what don’t you like! And speaking of everything seasoning, get the goat cheese roll covered in the same seasoning. Sounds like a winner. Do you remember Creamsicles™? Try the new orange sherbet covered vanilla ice cream on a stick. It will bring back memories. Or, try the Cookies and Cream cheesecake bars. Think about it, what could be bad about cheesecake and chocolate cookies. If you’re not quite ready to hit the midway, try the Funnel Cake mix that comes in its own pitcher. Add water and fry. If you’re like me, you won’t miss any of the rides when you eat these. Not to be left out, Aldi’s is bringing out Nashville hot kettle chips. Also, on the horizon is pulled pork and Cuban sandwich flavors too. Try all three.

Amazon cart checks out your items in the cart and bills your Amazon account electronically (Photo courtesy of USAToday)

Trader Joe’s is not to be outdone so they have several new summer releases. Try the Ajika, a seasoning that per the package, is “Spicy, garlicky, and deeply aromatic,” with coriander, fenugreek, and marigold, along with the peppers, garlic, and salt. Get more heat from the new Crispy Jalapeño Pieces made from pieces of jalapeno peppers that are floured and then deep-fried. Use them in place of those canned crispy fried onions for an extra kick. Or, try the Spicy Dill Pickles – hot enough that you may find yourself looking for a glass of milk to cool down. Need to spice up your simple summer cooks? Try topping your grilled chicken or fish or anything else you feel like with Chili Sesame Oil. The oil is just sesame oil and dried chilies. That sounds like a game changer.

Amazon seems to be opening everywhere. The Manchester Lakes store in the former Shoppers Food Warehouse opened on May 27. Long lines and happy customers. The former Shoppers at Potomac Yard, 3801 Richmond Highway, is becoming an Amazon Fresh, a full grocery store. That location is approximately 50,000 sq. ft. so the store could be one of the larger ones in our area. The center is expecting a Total Wine to fill the space left by the demise of Pier One. The stores are equipped with ng Dash Carts — shopping carts equipped with cameras, sensors, and scales to determine what a shopper puts in the cart in real time.

Openings and Reopenings

Goodies Frozen Custard and Treats is open! After many months of waiting, the former I.C.E. House is finally ready for our taste buds. The building originally housed an outpost of the Mutual Ice Co. Boyd Walker had bought the building in 2004, hoping to make it the home of a gelateria. But, after meeting Brandon Byrd, he was finally convinced to sell the 200 Commerce St. building in 2019 to house his Milwaukee style frozen custard. Byrd managed to remain afloat during the pandemic by selling his treats from his food truck. Now, his dream has been realized and he has a permanent home for his ‘goodies.’ The Roy Rogers Restaurant (circa 1967) is finally open in the Belle View Shopping Center, 1506 Belle View Blvd. after a nearly two-year hiatus from a six-alarm fire. My favorite part of their burger is the toppings bar! And, don’t forget their fried chicken.

Who Knew!

Cucumbers will last longer when kept at room temperature. Apparently, they break down faster at temps below 50°. And keep them away from apples, melons, bananas, and tomatoes. These fruits produce ethylene gas which cause veggies and fruit to ripen faster.

ICYMI: Calling all Burger Monsters!

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