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Get to Know These Amazing 27-Black Owned Businesses in Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Juneteenth is upon us, making it the perfect time to highlight and celebrate  the accomplishments of small businesses locally run by African American entrepreneurs. This article lists 27 black-owned businesses that have sprouted and prospered in the Alexandria area.

Food-Related Stops to Make

The Cameron Café is a refreshing coffee shop which offers outdoor seating to enjoy their fabulous coffee, pastries, or anything else they have to offer. Located around Ben Brenman Park, and run by Dayan Worku, this black-owned coffee shop leaves it’s customers satisfied, happy, and content whenever they come in for food and drink!

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In the mood for some scrumptious southern-style food? Magnolia On King offers vegan, vegetarian, and dishes for meat lovers alike! Magnolia’s offers brunch meals including chicken and waffles, eggs benedict, as well as a waffle grilled cheese, and shrimp! The restaurant is located in a three-story historic home connected to Alexandria’s slaveholding past, and is owned by Old Town sommelier Leonard Holton. 

Leonard Holton of Magnolia’s On King (Photo Courtesy of Leonard Holton)
Abyssinia Mart (Photo Courtesy of Maria Enriquez for Visit Alexandria)

If you’re hoping to grab a delicious bite, The Abyssinia Market & Coffee House is run by Lily Damthew, and offers its patrons craft beer, wine, and Ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee that is roasted locally, and pairs brilliantly with the cafe’s pastries!    

Augie’s Mussel House and Beer Garden, Mason Social, and Urbano 116 (Photo Courtesy of Common Plate Hospitality)

The community of Old Town has many different dining options spread out across the area. Common Plate Hospitality, a restaurant business, is one of them. Larry Walston and Chad Sparrow both run the business, and are responsible for Old Town favorites including Mason Social, Augie’s Mussel House and Beer Garden, and Urbano 116, offering Alexandria citizens a variety of different dining styles and options. 

A Haute Dog and Fries (Photo Courtesy of Instagram User 4mybelly)

If you’re someone who’s craving for a nice, juicy hot dog, Haute Dogs & Fries puts a unique spin on a classic American dish by serving fresh, grilled hot dogs in a New England split-top bun. With delicious fries to pair with a locally made hot dog, this restaurant will take you right back to ballpark!

Waffles and Frittata at Hen Quarter. (Photo Courtesy of Maria Enriquez for Visit Alexandria)

Another Southern style restaurant is the Hen Quarter, which serves fried chicken, bread pudding, wine, and bourbon. Hen Quarter is managed by Thompson Hospitality, America’s largest minority-owned food and facilities management company. Thompson Hospitality’s influence reaches all across the nation, including the Alexandria area. Thompson Hospitality also owns The Rub. The Rub can be found on the ground floor of the Hen Quarter building, and serves quality chicken and beer.

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If you’re looking for some French inspired food and drink, the Café du Soleil offers crepes, coffee, and other delicacies based off of French dishes and drinks. And as a bonus, it even offers smoothies!

Brandon Byrd and Goodies Frozen Custard (Photo Courtesy of Misha Enriquez for Visit Alexandria)

I scream, you scream, Alexandria screams for Goodies Frozen Custard! Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats is run and owned by Brandon Byrd, and after selling his custard in a truck throughout DC, Byrd set up a location in Old Town’s historical Ice House, selling his delicious Wisconsin style Custard.


Donna Lewis. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Marcella Creative for Visit Alexandria)

Black-owned businesses have also prospered in the shopping sector. In need of a new dress or blouse? Located in Old Town is donna lewis, a sweet boutique offering beautiful fabrics and accessories to add to your everyday wardrobe. 

Threadleaf (Photo Courtesy of Chris Cruz for Visit Alexandria)

Another stylistic boutique is Threadleaf, an independent, stunning clothing and accessory shop run by Nicole McGrew, a former attorney for the Obama administration.

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 Harambee Books & Artworks is the only Black-owned bookstore in the area. This store is a creative and educational establishment with the goal of literacy and education as a fundamental human right. (Fun Fact: Harambee is the Swahili word for “working together”). At Harambee’s one can find both artwork and literature written by and about people of African heritage.


John Chapman. (Photo Courtesy of Chris Cruz for Visit Alexandria)

If you’re looking for a more historical perspective about African American culture and history in Alexandria, Manumission Tour Company offers tours and a guide to early African American history in Alexandria. Founded by John T. Chapman, Manumission Tour Company gives the community a deeper dive into the diverse history of the area.


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In need of a haircut or some makeup? Luckily, Alexandria has a long list of Black-owned, chic hair salons and beauty shops. Salons such as Allure Hair Loft can offer relaxing and effective service to their patrons. Allure is run by Terry Coullette, a Master Barber putting a modern twist on the art of hair cuttery.

Joi Dreams and Joi Dreams Salon (Photo Courtesy of Joi Dreams)

This next hair salon has been around and running in Alexandria for over 11 years! Joi Dreams Salon, run by Joi Dreams herself, has passion and care for all of its customers, with Dreams being a stylist that puts her best self forward to satisfy everyone who comes in!

Aesha Ray’s Envy Us Beauty Supply. (Photo Courtesy of Envy Us Beauty Supply)

When in need of beauty and hair products, Aesha Ray’s Envy Us Beauty Supply, provides hair and skin products, as well as beauty accessories such as hair extensions and cosmetics that will always keep your beauty care stock fully replenished!

Elle Hair Studio is a private hair salon in Alexandria that offers a wide variety of hair and beauty services for your everyday hair styling routine! 

Hazel O. Salon. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Marcella Creative for Old Town Boutique District)

Co-owned by both Nikita Montgomery and Marcia Rhodes Tyler, Hazel O. Salon, named after the duo’s grandmother, prides themselves in their ability to style and cut all sorts of hair types, as well as their experiences and friendly staff!

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Leon Howell, Salon Alexander’s owner and a hair stylist, highlights his salon’s friendly atmosphere, along with its diverse service! Known for their amazing color treatment, Salon Alexander will leave you with a stylish new look, and have you constantly return for more!

Voted the city and region’s “Best Barbershop” and “Best Men’s Haircut” since 2012 by numerous newspapers and magazines, The Ultimate Barber in Potomac Yards offers reliable and unique haircuts and service.

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Simone Fennell’s fashionable salon is unique in its focus on eyebrow care and upkeep! Good Brows offers eyebrow styling and shape to anyone who wants to get their eyebrows done!


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Physical Health and Fitness is of utmost importance to many people around Alexandria, resulting in the founding of many support, therapy, and fitness centers in the area. Remi Rory’s Make No Excuses Fitcamp Offers individual and effective training, and is a boutique gym that assists people in improving their movement and fitness. 

PIES Fitness Yoga Studio. (Photo Courtesy of Pies Fitness Yoga Studio)

Another Alexandria fitness and health center is PIES Fitness Yoga Studio by Marsha Banks-Harold also offers dance, yoga, and Zumba to help positively shape both it’s customers’ physical and mental wellbeing in a positive, stress-free outlet.

Chriss and Andrea Smith (Photo Courtesy of Trident Athletics)

Trident Athletics, owned by the couple Chriss and Andrea Smith, support and motivate their customers through fitness, not only reshaping their physical state, but their minds. 

Lindsey Vick, owner of Sunflowers Healing and Wellness. (Photo Courtesy of Sunflowers Healing and Wellness)

Sunflowers Healing and Wellness is a health and fitness business that offers life coaching and hypnotherapy to promote healthy relationships. Additionally, this business run by Lindsey Vick provides a large selection of childbirth support services, providing help and guidance to those who need it.

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