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Harris Teeter’s New West End Alexandria Store Hits the Heights

Check out the produce department. You’ll feel transported to someone’s garden plot.

Alexandria, VA – Have you happened by King St. and Beauregard lately? If you haven’t, you need to get to 4550 King St. and visit the new Harris Teeter that just opened on June 23. Harris Teeter hits the heights with its newest crown jewel of the chain.

At approximately 74,700 sq. ft, the store is filled with some of the best quality products available.  Lots of dignitaries from the Harris Teeter Corporate and District offices were scattered throughout the store  when I visited helping customers navigate the glamorously displayed, food-filled aisles.

According to Adam Warren, District Manager, “This store took a lot of work to get it ready during the pandemic. We had a lot of starts and stops but it was well worth it.”

The store manager, Sharon Rodriguez, may look familiar as she opened the HT store on St. Asaph in Old Town. When this store became available, she told me, “I left my District job to manage this store. It was a great opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I love Alexandria.” And after wandering around the store for an hour or so, I could see why. There are familiar faces from other stores that were recruited to man this location too.

Both the Salad and Hot Bars offer a wide variety of enticing choices. Omnivores, vegans, and vegetarians will love the ability meals to meet their specific needs.

Fresh is the key word for the Salad Bar. (Photo by Debby Critchley)
Harris Teeter Hits the Heights
Lots of choices at the Hot Bar (Photo by Debby Critchley)

Beer and wine is available in the store, as well as many brands of hard ciders and seltzers. Locals will recognize a number of regional products are also on the shelves.  Check the displays or the refrigerator cases to find what you want.

Harris Teeter Hits the Heights
Just a sample of the wines available. (Photo by Debby Critchley)
Harris Teeter Hits the Heights
Choose from a variety of beers, hard ciders, and seltzers. (Photo by Debby Critchley)

Everything in the store is top of the line. Harris Teeter crushes it again at the Seafood Counter. The display gleams with fresh fish and shellfish, including some special varieties like grouper and an extensive selection of clams and mussels. The meat counter is huge and unlike many newer stores in the area, has full-time butchers on staff ready to prepare what you need. They are able to cut meat on premises to meet demand. Brad Whiteside, District Meat Manager says, “We worked really hard to be able to serve our VIC (Very Important Customer) family. I’m proud of how it worked out”

Harris Teeter Hits the Heights
Sparkling seafood counter (Photo by Debby Critchley)

Check out the produce department. You’ll feel transported to someone’s garden plot. The displays of fresh and local fruits and vegetables rival farmers markets. And the floral area has practically anything you need to take to your next dinner party or celebration. Their full-time floral staff are able to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements to your exacting requirements too.

Fruits and veggies for everyone! (Photo by Debby Critchley)
Harris Teeter Hits the Heights
Need a bouquet or flower arrangement? (Photo by Debby Critchley)

One of the store’s hidden gems is rarely seen by customers because it is in the Employees Only area of the store. Two staffers, Sabina Elit and Jessie Bonilla painted a mural, “Working Together” on a back wall. Co-Manager Valerie Ladding took me in to see it. As you can see from the picture, it is both beautiful and inspiring. Ask if you can take a peek!

Working Together mural by HT staff members, Sabina Elit and Jessie Bonilla (Photo by Debby Critchley)

The store has an underground parking garage with access from both Beauregard and King St. It is well lit and unlike many underground lots, easy to navigate. There are elevators at the ready to take you up to the store. There is even a cart escalator next to the people escalator to transport your cart downstairs to the garage. There are plenty of large, small, and kiddie grocery carts available for shoppers. And, the store is maintaining pandemic precautions to make everyone feel comfortable.

I don’t know about you but this store is being added to my grocery store rotation. Say hello to Harry the Happy Dragon who busy greeting customers at the front door!!

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