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New Movie Shot Partly in Del Ray Features Local Businesses

A new movie that recently premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival filmed several scenes at local businesses in Del Ray.

Gigi Edgley as Layla in “Kringle Time” filming inside The Dog Store. (Photo courtesy of Kringle Time LLC)

Alexandria, VA – A new movie that recently premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival filmed several scenes at local businesses in Del Ray.

Kringle Time, a satirical comedy film about a singing snowman “that has nothing to do with Christmas,” was written and directed by Matthew Lucas, a former American University student and Arlington resident.

Lucas lived in Arlington in 2012 while attending graduate school at American University, so he had plenty of time to explore D.C. and Alexandria. “It was always such a nice place to hang out,” says Lucas. So when Lucas began filming in 2018 for Kringle Time, he knew he wanted to film locally.

Cinematographer Wesley Hunt, assistant camera Chris Mariles, and actor Jeff Wincott at Number 9 Lounge. (Photo courtesy of Kringle Time LLC)

“In all of the work that we do, there is a certain pride in it being a local production,” says Lucas. “There is something about doing a local production that brings everyone together.”

Lucas’s years in Virginia led him to Lee Perna and Emmett Webster of Del Ray Films, LLC. “We were all looking to take on something a little bigger than what each of us had already done,” he says, “and I was working on this feature and brought them in. They have deep ties in Del Ray.”

Lee and Emmett were instrumental in securing filming locations in Del Ray. You might recognize Cheestique, The Dog Store, and No. 9 Lounge in some of the scenes. Lucas enthusiastically agreed with the locations Lee and Emmett had suggested. “We have all been to these places, so now we have an opportunity to put them on camera. We can look back at the movie and see some of the locations we used to go to as patrons. Nostalgia is preserved.”

Filming a movie is a major undertaking regardless of circumstances, so let’s not forget that each of these establishments was open for business during filming. But Matthew applauds Del Ray and its citizens.

Lead actor Benny Elledge has dinner with Kringles the Snowman at Cheesetique. (Photo courtesy of Kringle Time LLC)

“Everyone in Del Ray was supportive, and that doesn’t surprise me. Having lived in Northern Virginia, I know you don’t get too many other places with this sense of community. It made production go that much smoother and the experience that much more pleasant.”

Matthew now lives in Los Angeles, but his East Coast beginnings will always be with him. “When you find the team that works, it’s tough to walk away from it. I would absolutely consider coming back to film more.”

Kringle Time will be available in August for rent or purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

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