The Hardest and Easiest Car Colors To Keep Clean

The Hardest and Easiest Car Colors To Keep Clean

ALEXANDRIA, VA – While most car owners choose the color of their car based on personal preferences and emotional reactions, there is actually a practical aspect to take into consideration. Here are the hardest and easiest car colors to keep clean and well maintained throughout the lifespan of your vehicle.

The Most Difficult Colors

Darker colors will almost always be the most difficult to keep looking nice. While colors like black are popular because of how impressive they look when clean and shiny, dirt, dust, and grime are incredibly easy to see on darker hues. To keep your car looking nice, you’d need to have it cleaned at least once a week to prevent dirt and dust from building up. Red is another difficult color specifically because it is so difficult to keep from fading in the sun. Without diligent care and attention, red paint will dull and fade to the point that it still looks subpar, even when cleaned.

The Easiest Colors

On the other hand, lighter colors must be easier to clean, right? In most cases, yes. The only caveat is that while dust and debris are easier to hide with white paint, dirt will be very prominent. Instead, rather than going straight to the opposite of black, it is recommended that car owners choose a color like silver, beige, or light blues and greys. With these colors, you’ll have more time in between washes before the muck and grime start to become noticeable on your car’s exterior.

Protecting Your Car

Now that we’ve covered the hardest and easiest car colors to keep clean, let’s also make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with choosing a darker-colored car. There are some extra steps that can protect the paint and exterior of any car from the contaminants of the environment or water spots from the rain. After every wash, you should apply wax and polish to the exterior of your vehicle. This not only makes it look fresh and glossy, but it adds a protective layer that will better prevent debris and gunk from sticking to or scratching your vehicle. Some detailing options, like ceramic coatings, are naturally hydrophobic and are perfect for preventing water spots or corrosion from acidic rain.

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