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Call Your Mother is Coming to Alexandria!

Alexandria, VA  Call Your Mother is Coming to Alexandria! The former site of Helen Oliva Flower Design, 128 N. Pitt is going to be the latest iteration of Call Your Mother, a “Jew-ish bagel bakery and deli chain in the metro area. The local chain is owned by Chef Daniela Moreira and Andrew Dana, along with partner Jeff Zients. For those of us who lament the lack of New York style bagels and delis, this is great good news.

Per their website, Call Your mother offers a variety of bagels and bagel sandwiches. The bagels are vegetarian as they don’t contain dairy or eggs but are not vegan as they contain honey. They make all their bagels in-house and source other products such as salmon and whitefish from Acme, , Liberty Delights for bacon and turkey, Z&Z for Za’atar spices, and Little Wild Things farm according to their website.

Call Your Mother is Coming to Alexandria!
New location of Call Your Mother

There is no timeline as of yet for opening but we’ll keep you informed.

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