Chinquapin Wahoos Finish Season at Old Town Pool With 2-2 Record

Wahoo Willem Schultz, Stinger Anders Carlson, and Wahoo Jonathan Ramsdell (left to right) at the start of the 13-14 boys 50-yard freestyle event (Photo credit: Dennis Burstein)

ALEXANDRIA, VA-The Chinquapin Wahoos finished their season with a 2-2 record after losing the final meet on July 17. The Burke Center Stingers won by a score of 251-199 at the Old Town Pool.

Regardless, the Wahoos did have a strong showing. They won the aged five to 18 200-yard medley relay in 2:17.73 with Elisabeth Carroll (backstroke), Jolan Foronda (breaststroke), Madison Schang (butterfly), and Tyler Turner (freestyle).

(Note: All times are in yards.)

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Eight and Under Age Group

Sawyer Blais (17.21) won first place in the freestyle and took first in the boys breaststroke (25.98) and butterfly (23.98). Bennett Sherry came from behind in the backstroke to take first (24.82).

In the 100 yard medley relay,, Blais, Sherry, Lucas Babineaux, and Max Kessler Goswell dropped only three seconds from last week’s event in a close race with the Stingers.

Izzy Martorona beat two Stingers to take first place in the girls reestyle (19.99), and placed third in the backstroke (24.93) and second in the butterfly (25.84).

Nine and 10 Age Group

Karon Salee Moten (32.87) and Tyler Turner (34.65) finished with their best times of the season to come in second and third, respectively, in the boys freestyle, Moten also placed third in the backstroke (39.80).and first in the 25-yard butterfly.

In the breaststroke, Chris Billups finished third (45.88).

In an exciting 100 yard medley relay, Billups Turner, Moten, and Luca Lorenzen-Schmidt narrowly missed first (1:11.29). Ethan Sherry, Dominic Grajkowski, Rodney Gardner, and Sebastien Coria followed with a time of 1:27.31.

Ellie Medina took third in the girls freestyle (37.92). She finished first in the 25-yard butterfly (17.52), 2.1 seconds ahead of those who placed second and third. Freya Montes de Oca took third (51.40) in the breaststroke.

11 and 12 Age Group

In the boys freestyle, Amir Smith took second (32.11), and Alex Guevara took third (32.66). Guevara also won the backstroke with a time of 36.25 while Xavier Young took third (43.89). In the breast, Smith took second (43.53), and Eamonn Greiner (47.10) took third place. Guavera (38.31) and Smith (39.35) finished first and second, respectively,  in the butterfly.

Javier Kent. Smith, Greiner, Guavera, and Young won the 200-medley relay with a time of 2:45.90.

In the girls freestyle, Madison Schang took second (31.12)..She also finished first in the breaststroke (39.54) and first in the butterfly (34.08). In the backstroke, Camila Zuniga finished third (38.80). She also took third in the butterfly (37.61). Ellie Robb, Julia Davis, Zuniga, and Schang faced against a strong Stingers team in the their 200 medley relay to finish with a time of 2:33.86.

13 and 14 Age Group

In the boys freestyle, Jonathan Ramsdell  took first (27.10), beating his closest challenger by .04 seconds.

Seamus Greiner came in third In the backstroke even (28.15),

Ramsdell (30.88) and Paris Johnson (32.16) took second and third, respectively, in the backstroke.

Ramsdell (34.28), Greiner (37.67), and Johnson (38.46) swept the breaststroke. Johnson captured first in the butterfly (31.03).

Johnson, Ramsdell, Greiner, and Willem Schultz combined their talents to win the 200 meter relay with a time of 2:11.68.

Wahoo Catherine Salomons (background) and Stinger Samantha Field (foreground) competing in the girls 15-18 50 yard breaststroke (Photo credit: Dennis Burstein)

In the girls freestyle, Elisabeth Carroll (28.15) and Cate Cox (31.28) took first and third, respectively. They followed that effort with first (32.15) and third (35.53) place finishes in the backstroke. Carroll finished first in the breaststroke (37.44), and Cox finished first in the the butterfly (32.71).

Carroll, Cox, Eva Billips, and Keady Medina teamed up in the 200 meter relay for a time of 2:29.20.

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15 to 18 Age Group

Emil LaSida (22.83), Bodie Lauinger (24.94), and Mikal Helms (25.04) swept the boys freestyle event.

LaSida’s first place time in the backstroke (24.15) was only .09 seconds away from the league record. Lauinger (30.46) took third in the event.

In the breaststroke, Jolan Foronda took first (29.70), Mikal Helms edged out the competition to come in third at 33.69. LaSida (25.46) finished first  and Jolan Foronda came in second (27.02) in the butterfly event.

LaSida, Foronda, Helms, and Lauinger teamed to win the 200 meter relay with a time of 1:46.43.

In the girls backstroke, Catherine Salomons finished third (32.23). She finished second in the breaststroke (38.76), while also coming in third (31.26) in the butterfly. Salomons, Abigail Altenberg, Alison Coria, and Audrey Jarrett teamed up in the 200 meter relay for a time of 2:21.54,

Wahoo Jolan Foronda, Stinger Jeremiah Field, and Wahoo Emil LaSida (left tp right) at the start of the boys 15-18 backstroke, (Photo credit: Dennis Burstein)

Next Up

The Wahoos will compete individually next weekend for the opportunity to compete in the Colonial Swim League All Star Meet.

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