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The Child and Family Network Centers (CFNC) needs your help right now!

Alexandria, VA – A sewer pipe burst at the CFNC Chirilagua preschool classroom, and the classroom needs to be completely renovated as soon as possible.

The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC) gives under-resourced pre-schoolers a much-needed helping hand. (Courtesy photo)

Classes begin September 8, so they have to quickly raise approximately $50,000 to get this classroom ready for their preschool children. This classroom is essential for this community and provides critical, high-quality childcare and education for low-income, immigrant essential workers in Alexandria.  

The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC) has been ensuring Alexandria children arrive at kindergarten school-ready for the last 33 years. (Courtesy photo)

In addition to the burst sewer pipe, the entire classroom is now infested with fleas.  They have to replace all of the furniture and classroom supplies, as well as completely renovate the classroom kitchen, replace the cabinets, replace the carpets, and repair the sewer pipe.

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(Courtesy photo)

The Chirilagua classroom is located in an apartment donated to CFNC and within the Chirilagua Housing Cooperative. The Cooperative provides affordable housing in this high-poverty neighborhood to serve immigrant families at risk of homelessness. In turn, CFNC provides essential workers with childcare as well as holistic, wrap-around resources and early educational enrichment to prepare each child to thrive in kindergarten. 

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To provide caring, high quality, free education and related services to children and families in their own neighborhoods in order to prepare and empower them for success in school and life. 


CFNC will lead the way in providing children in our community with free, high-quality pre-K education, and supporting families and staff in a safe, inclusive, equitable and nurturing environment. We are committed to the sustainability of our program to ensure the continuation of future generations of CFNC students. 

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