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Common Collectibles That Are Worth Money

Common Collectibles That Are Worth Money

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Some folks collect items purely for the joy of seeing their closets fill up with new knick-knacks and gizmos. Some people, however, go after collectibles hoping they can someday turn their pile into cold hard cash. If you want to start collecting but are not sure which items will earn the most money in the long run, read about these common collectibles that are worth money.


If you are looking for valuable items to collect, coins must be at the top of your list. Some classic coins can go for over a million dollars in private auctions. Some coins are valuable based on their historical significance, while other collectors look for coins based on the value of their precious metals. If you want to pick up this hobby, you should start by learning how to tell if your gold or silver items are valuable.


Stamps are one of the common collectibles that are worth money. One of the “Inverted Jenny” stamps was auctioned off for over a million dollars in 2016. That stamp was originally sold for only 24 cents. Can you imagine a better return on investment?


It is hard to believe that a child’s plaything could be worth much of anything. After all, most toys go through a lot of wear and tear at the hands of kids. Who would think that a select few of them could be worth small fortunes? For example, vintage Cabbage Patch Kids can bring in a lot of cash from the right buyer. On eBay, there are some sold for as much as $10,000. Barbie dolls can also sell for thousands of dollars.


First editions of classic novels can be worth a lot of money. Their value is often determined by factors like their binding quality and rarity. Before you get rid of your old books, you should always do your research. A first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or The Great Gatsby may rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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