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It’s Be Kind to Humankind Week!

Support your friends and neighbors at 4 Mile Run Market, Alexandria, VA 8/28/2021

Alexandria, VA  It’s Be Kind to Humankind Week!  Here are three easy ways you can participate at 4 Mile Run Market, 4109 Mt. Vernon Ave., Sunday 8/28/2012, 9 am – 1 pm.

  1. Join the Food Drive for ALIVE this Sunday: Bring non-perishable food items to the Market between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. See below for most needed items.
  2. Support 4MR Park by supporting our vendors: All proceeds from vendor fees are donated to Four Mile Run Conservatory to fund park improvements and programs.
  3. Show someone some kindness: Share homemade food with a friend or neighbor; offer to pick something up from the market for someone; or help someone carry their purchases to their car.
Four Mile Run Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market (Photo courtesy of Four Mile Run Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market)

…ok so maybe that was more than three…but you get the idea.

Alive! Most Needed Foods:

  • Canned meat and fish (chili, chicken, tuna, salmon, beef ravioli, etc.)
  • Canned fruits, vegetables, soup, beans
  • Cereal (including Oatmeal)
  • Peanut butter and Jam/Jelly
  • Pasta (spaghetti, other noodles, mac & cheese, etc.)
  • Rice
  • Dried beans, lentils
  • ‘Kid-friendly’ single-serve, microwavable entrees (soup, ravioli, mac &
  • cheese, etc.)
  • Canned Spaghetti/Pasta sauce and canned tomatoes (sauce, diced, etc.)
  • ‘Complete’ Pancake Mix (just add water) & Syrup (Mix available at Aldi’s for under $2)
  • Cooking oil (vegetable, canola, etc.)

Your donations are always welcome at food banks, churches, etc.

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