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PHOTOS: Old Town Walled Garden Club Selects Annual Alexandria Holiday Wreath Contest Winners

ALEXANDRIA, VA-The Old Town Walled Garden Club (OTWGC) hosted the 54th Annual Holiday Wreath Contest the week of Dec. 11. The group, on Dec. 22, released the locations of the winners. See them while you can.

The contest recognizes the most striking holiday wreaths made from all natural materials and handmade by the homeowner.

“There were so many beautiful wreaths this year, it was difficult to choose!” said the OTWGC. We want to congratulate the winners and honorable mention recipients.”

Judging criteria included originality of design, scale, color, contrast, and attractiveness from the street. For the residential category, homeowners were required to make the wreaths.

The following are the winners for the Homeowner Category:

1st Place – 611 S. Fairfax St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

This beautiful wreath, made by homeowner Lynn Vendinello, has a base of mixed nandina and other evergreens. The decorations include dried orange slices, pine cones (some glazed), and seed pods.

2nd Place – 120 S. Lee St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

Built on a grapevine wreath base, this very unique wreath features silver dollar eucalyptus. According to homeowner Alexandra Kendrick, It must be fresh and flexible. You can soak it the night before if needed. Over cover, as the eucalyptus does shrink when it dries out. The whole oranges were slit, dried in a dehydrator, then hot glued onto the wreath. It is hung by a 3” wired mustard yellow velvet ribbon to match the door.

3rd Place – 403 S. Pitt St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

These two lovely wreaths made by homeowner Chris Caroll feature items the homeowner grew or foraged, including amaranth, Japanese red okra, Chestnut husks, Wild American grapes, Chamomile flowers, found feathers, and turkey tail mushrooms. They are hung by 3” burlap ribbon.

Honorable mentions in the Homeowners Category are:

512 Prince St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

This mixed evergreen wreath, features dried oranges, red berries and pine cones.

307 N. Washington St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

Homeowner Brian Branton is well known in Old Town for his amazing Holiday Decorations. He’s at it again this year with a lovely traditional natural pine wreath decorated with yellow Belani nuts, dried pomegranate, lotus pods, dried quince, and dried yarrow.

612 S. Fairfax St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

Homeowner Linda Sheldon makes it an annual tradition to create holiday wreaths with her daughter and granddaughter. This year she embellished it with a beautiful needlepoint wreath and festive yellow ribbons.

For the Commercial Category, again, all natural materials had to be used,. However, they do not have to be created by the business owner. The following are the winners for the Commercial Category:

1st Place – Aquilano Salon, 324 N. Fairfax Street

Photo courtesy OTWGC

2d Place – J Brown & Co, 1119 King St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

3rd Place – O’Connell’s Bar, 112 King St.

Photo courtesy OTWGC

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions! [SEE ALSO: The Light Dances in Christine Lashley’s New Impressionistic Paintings]


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