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PHOTOS: It’s Merry and Bright at Gossypia Boutique in Alexandria

For more than 40 Years, Owner Amanda Lasker Has Been a Leader in Old Town fashion

Two ladies in a store filled with colorful clothing holding a colorful candelabra.
Robbin Baldwin (left in the photo) and Toni Colon present a colorful Mexican candelabra that is displayed with exquisite ornaments and earrings. (Photo: Susan McLain Sullivan)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Located on Cameron Street across from Alexandria City Hall, the Gossypia boutique welcomes shoppers into a wonderland of hand-fashioned and hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, and beautiful, authentic Latin American Folk Art.

CLothes and hats and scarves fill shelves and racks at Gossypia
Shoppers admire the soft, warm clothing and remarkable displays of jewelry in the Gossypia shop. (Photo: susan McLain Sullivan)

What does the name mean? Gossypia is simply the Latin word for cotton. Owner Amanda Lasker used it to name the business because the shop only sells attire with natural fibers. The inventory is an interesting selection of clothing, and jewelry that you won’t easily find anywhere else.  On the company’s website, Lasker adds how there can be twists on the name, “Should you buy or wear the glamorous items available at Gossypia Boutique it will certainly lead to delightful gossip for you. You will become the talk of the town.”

Small nativity scenes on shelves in a window.
Passersby and shoppers pause at the inside window of Gossypia filled with nativity scenes. (Photo: Susan McLain Sullivan)

Lasker has been involved in the fashion scene on Cameron Street for more than forty years, curating a constantly changing collection of unique jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Two closed red doors with GOSSYPIA sign above them.
The iconic and classic double-red doors have welcomed shoppers for over forty years at Gossypia. (Photo: Susan McLain Sullivan)

Gossypia is open daily and is located at 325 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA, and the website is




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