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Bastille Restaurant Featured on ‘Signature Dish’

Chef Christophe Poteaux being filmed for Signature Dish. (Photo: WETA)

Alexandria, VA – Set your DVR, or tune in on Monday, February 19, when Bastille Brasserie & Bar, 606 N. Fayette Street in Old Town Alexandria, will be featured on Signature Dish. This local PBS show discovers and reveals the standout dishes at a wide array of restaurants in the DMV.

Exterior of Bastille at 606 N. Fayette Street. (Courtesy photo)

In the upcoming episode, host Seth Tillman explores the rich tapestry and traditions of French gastronomy, starts at Chez Billy Sud in Georgetown for Oeufs en Meurette (poached eggs in a red wine sauce), then heads to Le Clou in D.C. for Ris de Veau (sweetbreads basted in brown butter), and finishes at Bastille for the Magret de Canard (slow-seared Moulard duck).

“It is one of the most significant, signature dishes on our menu,” said Bastille’s Owner-Chefs Christophe and Michelle Poteaux. “We’ve featured the Moulard Duck since 2006, and it’s really a staple for us.  We love how it evokes wild meatiness, but it is not gamey.  It’s our favorite.”

Chef Christophe Poteaux being filmed for Signature Dish. (Photo: WETA)

During the shooting, the couple, who are fans of the show, said the best part was working with Seth and his team and discovering that one of the crew members is a semi-regular customer.  “We are just thrilled to be featured and can’t wait to see everything they captured while filming. We truly had a blast!”

Catch the “French Delights” episode of Signature Dish on Monday, February 19, at 9:00 p.m. on WETA PBS and 8:00 p.m. on WETA Metro.

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