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New Leadership at MetroStage to Propel a Vision for a New Theater Venue

“MetroStage at the Lyceum” selections from monthly events that include cabarets, concerts and play readings. (Courtesy photo)

Alexandria, VA – MetroStage, Alexandria’s professional not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to offering productions of the highest artistic level for 40 years, proudly announces the appointment of Ricardo Alfaro as the new President of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Alfaro offers tremendous leadership experience with nonprofit Boards that will be a great asset as MetroStage works toward building its new fully equipped, state of the art performing space in Old Town North. In fact, MetroStage is the centerpiece and has been designated the Arts Anchor as part of the Arts and Cultural District.

Ricardo Alfaro brings a unique blend of skills and experience to his role as President of the Board of Trustees. While his professional career thrives in the world of software development, his deep-rooted passion for the arts is ingrained in his background. He is an alumnus of the San Juan Children’s Choir in Puerto Rico, having had the privilege of performing at renowned venues with celebrated composers. His musical training, which spans from the classics to Broadway’s iconic Rodgers and Hammerstein, has instilled in him a deep appreciation for the arts and a strong belief in their essential role in education and society, and, in this case, a vital aspect of the City Of Alexandria’s commitment to the arts.

“I am thrilled with the skills, commitment, and enthusiasm that Ricardo brings to this task of literally building a new performing arts space for MetroStage. He recognizes the potential we bring to the City and beyond both in terms of economic and cultural impact. I really look forward to working with him in the future,” states Carolyn Griffin, Producing Artistic Director.

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Joining Ricardo Alfaro are newly elected officers who share his enthusiasm for MetroStage’s mission. Fay Iudicello Vice President, Sue Fratkin Secretary, and Mark Feldheim, out-going President and now Treasurer, will work alongside Ricardo to ensure MetroStage’s continued success.

MetroStage’s Producing Artistic Director, Carolyn Griffin, has already raised $1M out of a $3M Capital Campaign. Her unwavering dedication to delivering original, challenging, innovative, unpredictable, and nontraditional works that tell compelling stories remains a cornerstone of MetroStage’s artistic identity.

“Carolyn’s brilliance is what makes MetroStage what it is. Her ability to foster relationships and have world class artists tell compelling stories is unique. I look forward to working with Carolyn and the City as we establish the heart of the Arts District as a cultural hub for the benefit of our vibrant arts scene in the Washington metropolitan area,” indicated Ricardo.

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The appointment of Ricardo Alfaro and the newly elected officers is a pivotal moment in the company’s history. In pursuit of this ambitious goal, MetroStage and the Board of Trustees will continue its Capital Campaign to raise the final $2 million. This capital is essential for the successful realization of the new venue, which will enable MetroStage to continue its tradition of delivering outstanding performances and fostering artistic innovation. MetroStage welcomes contributions from patrons, supporters, and all art enthusiasts who share the vision of a thriving cultural center in Alexandria’s Arts and Cultural District.

To make a donation and be a part of this exciting endeavor, please visit metrostage.org. Your support will play a vital role in shaping the future of the arts in Alexandria and the Washington metropolitan area.

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