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Trinity United Methodist Church Celebrates 250 Years of Service

This Alexandria Fixture Has Reached a Milestone with Faith and Fortitude

By Melanie Modlin

Alexandria, VA – Trinity United Methodist Church pre-dates the United States and has built a centuries-long legacy of community service and social justice. Alexandria’s first Methodist church survived and thrived through ups and downs and multiple locations. Trinity United Methodist of Alexandria is excited to honor, celebrate, and commemorate its 250th birthday in 2024.

Unified by the theme, “250 Years of Looking Upward and Pushing Forward!” months of commemorative activities will culminate in the Homecoming Weekend of November 15-17. Activities throughout the year will include:

  • 250 Acts of Mission
  • History lectures, tours, and display of historic artifacts
  • Trinity cemetery tours, located at the Wilkes Street Cemetery Complex
  • Anniversary-themed sermon series and worship services
  • Collections of oral histories from pastors, members, and staff – past and present

“Trinity has faithfully served our congregation and community for over 250 years, and we are committed to continuing that good work. As we prepare to celebrate our anniversary, we not only celebrate our past but look forward to a future with hope!” said Grace Han, Lead Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church.

Trinity was founded in 1774 by teenager William Duke and a small band of followers. Committed to charity and community service from its beginning, the church has long supported programs for those in need in our backyard and around the globe.

Starting in the 18th century, congregants included Black and White persons from all stations of society. Trinity came out strongly against slavery and, more recently, became a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network of the United Methodist Church, honoring and accepting LGBTQ+ people throughout its life and leadership.

For most of its history, the church was located at two locations in Old Town: Chapel Alley (the present-day Basilica of St. Mary) and South Washington Street (the present-day Hotel Heron). In 1947, at the urging of a small but faith-filled congregation, the church moved brick by brick to its current location, 2911 Cameron Mills Road in Alexandria’s Beverley Hills neighborhood.

Liz Williams, Chair of the 250th Anniversary Committee, said, “We are extremely excited to share our history for this semi-quincentennial! The church’s story is Alexandria’s story and the nation’s story. The congregation today is not so different from those generations ago as we consider our 250 years of doing good work. We look forward to using this time of celebration and commemoration to propel us into another fruitful 250 years!”

To learn more about the church and anniversary activities, go to Trinity United Methodist Church is at 2911 Cameron Mills Road, Alexandria, VA 22302. Phone: 703.549.5500. To learn more about the church and anniversary activities, go to

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