Z-Staff Spotlight

Z-Staff Spotlight – Lucelle O’Flaherty

Lucelle O’Flaherty (Photo by Dorathea Peters)

Alexandria, VA – Welcome to our new spotlight on Z-Staff. We receive numerous requests to “get to know the Zebra staff,” which inspired us to launch this new monthly feature, gleaning a few fun facts about one staffer per month.

Lucelle O’Flaherty

Zebra Job: Community Liaison and Event Photographer

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia.

School/s: T.C. Williams/ACHS ’74, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va ‘78

Kids: N/A

Pets: Kay K, Yorkie/Bichon (YoChon), 11.

Favorite Ice Cream: Sorbet

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music

Favorite Song: “Jungleland” (Bruce Springsteen)

Favorite Food: Vegan Chili

Last Vacation You Took: Florida

Favorite Alexandria spot: Jones Point

Name three things on your bucket list: I’m very satisfied, but I guess I would like to visit the Holy Land when there is no war going on, and I’d like to spend more time with my sister, Sue Griffith.

What would you wish for as a superhero power? To make a difference in the world.

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