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Alexandria Vice Mayor Amy Jackson Responds to Arena Survey Responses

Artistic rendering of the proposed Potomac Yard Arena in Alexandria, VA.
Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the City of Alexandria, and JBG SMITH announced a framework of an agreement for a public-private partnership to create an Entertainment District in Alexandria at Potomac Yard. (Image: City of Alexandria and Zebra Press Art)

Alexandria, VA – After an overwhelming response from her constituents to her campaign survey on the proposed Monumental arena at Potomac Yard, Vice Mayor Amy Jackson issued the following statement:

“Residents of our city have a lot of questions and concerns about the proposed arena project, and rightfully so. I want them to know I hear them loud and clear. Potomac Yard is an amazing location, and we need to be smart about its development. This is not something that we should rush into based on a political timeline in Richmond.

“There are several red flags that cause me a lot of concern. If there is no funding for Metro, especially to improve the Potomac Yard/VT Station, and no plan to reduce traffic congestion when the programming of this project will certainly increase it; there is no way Alexandria can support this Monumental proposal as it stands. In addition, the lack of support for good-paying union jobs in this proposal is troubling, and the affordable housing component is weak. Furthermore, I also know our residents are worried about what this means for our city’s priorities and how we will keep our children, our schools, our environment, and our public safety top of mind. It should go without saying that these need to be not just addressed but factored into our decision-making process.

“Just like you, I’m all in when it comes to protecting the quality of life here in Alexandria. If these issues are not resolved, I will not be able to support this arena, and I will be the first in line to shape a new path for this area of our city that doesn’t involve Richmond, an arena, or a threat to our quality of life. This new path will put families first, recognizing the need for affordable family-centric entertainment and education venues and focusing on the Alexandria community as we continue to thrive. We really need to be cautious with our city and state investment, and not force through a bad deal for our city. I want Potomac Yard done right – meaning our city isn’t on the hook and left holding the bag with a governor who has one foot out the door.”

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