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Tens of Thousands Cheer at George Washington’s Birthday Parade

Alexandria, VA – On a gorgeous, blue-skied Presidents Day, a few of Old Town Alexandria’s historic streets were lined with kids at the edges, holding small buckets or bags hoping for candy while the crowd watched over 1500 diverse participants march up Fairfax Street, turn at Cameron, and head back up Royal Street.

This year, George Washington was called Alexandria’s Original Living Legend, a theme that parlayed into honoring the nonprofit organization Living Legends of Alexandria as the Grand Marshals.  Over 30 of them walked beside or rode upon a Legends float donated by Jason and Loren Yates, themselves named Living Legends in 2019. And it was another Living Legend, Janet Barnett at the podium as emcee, who called out their names as they proudly made their way past the parade stand.

“It’s fitting that in the year of Alexandria’s 275th Anniversary, the 2024 Parade honors not only George Washington’s close connection to his adopted hometown but also the remarkable individuals whose vision and hard work over the years have helped make Alexandria the unique and vibrant community it is today,” said Parade Committee Chair Sue Johnson.

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