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The Clash of the Seasons Results in a Beautiful Foggy Scene over the Potomac

Foggy scene on the Potomac in Alexandria. Photo courtesy Steve Cohen.

By Steve Cohen, ABC

Alexandria, VA – Over two weeks in January 2024, we first experienced winter cold and snow and then warm spring air within a short period. During the cold weather, the Potomac waters cooled, causing the air just above the river to cool. Fog formed as a warm southerly wind blew through the region and mixed with the shallow layer of cool air just over the river.

Fog develops when warm air mixes with cool air, causing the warm air to cool to the air’s dew point (the temperature at which dew will form and the air holds as much moisture as possible). When the air hits the dew point, the moisture condenses into water droplets, which is the fog we observed hovering above the Potomac. No matter the cause, the fog created a beautiful and moody sight along the Alexandria waterfront.

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