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A Look Into Potomac Yard’s Proposed Monumental Arena and Event Venue

The Lyceum will host Agenda: Alexandria’s panel discussion about the proposed potomac Yard arena development. (Photo: Eric Kvalsvik for Visit Alexandria)

ALEXANDRIA, VA-On Monday, March 25, 2024, Agenda Alexandria will host a dynamic panel discussion at the historic Alexandria History Museum at the Lyceum, starting promptly at 7:00 PM. The focus of this engaging program will be centered on the proposed Monumental Arena and event venue in Potomac Yard, a topic of considerable interest and importance to the local community. The following panelists are slated to lead the discussion bring diverse perspectives to the table:

  • Katie Waynick, President of the Del Ray Citizens Association, spearheaded a comprehensive survey regarding the arena plan in collaboration with four neighboring civic associations—Rosemont, Lynhaven, and Hume Springs. She will unveil and analyze the findings of this crucial survey, shedding light on the sentiments and concerns of the affected communities.
  • Former Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald, a key figure in the Coalition to Stop the Arena, will provide insights into the group’s advocacy efforts before the General Assembly in Richmond. His firsthand account will offer valuable insights into the lobbying landscape and the challenges faced in contesting the proposed development.
  • Dr. Dennis Coates, Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, brings his wealth of knowledge on public-private partnerships and their impact on local economies. With a focus on stadiums and arenas, Dr. Coates will discuss the intricacies of these partnerships, offering a nuanced perspective on their economic ramifications.Additional panelists to be determined.In a special collaboration with Pod Virginia, Agenda Alexandria will also have the participation of Monica Dixon, President of External Affairs for Monumental Sports, via the On the Agenda podcast. Dixon’s presence will enrich the dialogue by providing insights into the perspectives of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, one of the key stakeholders in the Potomac Yard proposal.Join us on March 25th at the Alexandria History Museum at the Lyceum, 201 S Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314, as we dive into the complexities surrounding the Potomac Yard development proposal. This event promises to be an enlightening exploration of the intersection between urban development, community engagement, and economic impact.[SEE ALSO: Amy Jackson Opposes Alexandria Sports Arena Project]

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