Adopt a Pet in Alexandria: Meet Dash

Dash (Photo: AWLA)

ALEXANDRIA, VA-Adoptable Dash has been waiting since last fall for a home. We hope his luck will change soon! He is a 5-year-old male dog who weighs just 45 pounds, so he’s a perfect medium size. Dash spent some time in his foster home and did wonderfully! He is house trained and crate trained. He is a true gentleman and never chews on things he isn’t supposed to. He also is a great work-from-home partner and just relaxes while you’re busy. He loves to go on walks and is such a good boy! He always checks in with his companion and behaves so well. He loves to play tug-of-war and will gently boop you with his toy when he’s ready to play. Dash is a delight!

The AWLA is located at 4101 Eisenhower Ave. Founded in 1946, the AWLA has supported and served as a resource for homeless animals. The organization remains an integral part of the community by providing opportunities for adoption, spay and neuter assistance, education, and outreach. To learn more, visit

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