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New Gateway Signs Welcome Motorists

: Photo of new gateway sign on S. Patrick St. in Alexandria, VA. (Photo courtesy Richard Dorrier)

By Ken Krupa, ABC

Alexandria, VA – Brand new gateway signs have been installed, welcoming visitors entering the City of Alexandria—just in time for the 275th anniversary of the founding of the Port City in 1749!

Phase one is complete with 14 new 13-foot signs displaying the Alexandria sailing ship insignia and welcoming motorists at major entranceways from neighboring Arlington and Fairfax counties.

In phase two, the Alexandria Beautification Committee (ABC), under the leadership of landscape designers Richard Dorrier and Monica Jaramillo Murphy, will assist the city in selecting landscaping and foliage to complement the new signs.  The foliage will reflect seasonal colors, enhancing and adding to the warmth and beauty of the welcoming signs. New, smaller signage for motorists has also been installed to provide direction to important locations throughout the City.

ICYMI: Exclusive Tour to Visit Intriguing Historical Gravesites in Alexandria, April 27, 1:00 pm

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