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Removing Your Bradford Pear Tree

Cut this tree down! (Photo courtesy Sara Kohn)

By Eleanor Quigley, ABC

Alexandria, VA – Taking down a Bradford Pear tree requires planning to ensure safety and success. First, wait until leaves have become shiny. This means the tree’s sap has stopped running. Assess the tree’s size and nearby obstacles to decide about hiring a professional tree remover or tackling the job yourself. If doing it yourself, gather necessary tools and protective eye wear. Begin by cutting off smaller branches and then larger limbs. Finally, cut the trunk as low as possible to the ground.

Glyphosate, an herbicide, is effective in preventing regrowth of the tree. It inhibits ability to produce essential proteins, ultimately leading to the tree’s demise. Immediately apply Glyphosate directly to the freshly cut stump, following manufacturer’s instructions. Cut off any suckers and apply to them, too. Be cautious because Glyphosate will harm nearby vegetation. Use a shield to prevent damage to desirable plants. Also follow safety precautions on the product label, including protective clothing, and avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Regular monitoring of the treated areas is essential to ensure regrowth does not happen. Treat any emerging shoots quickly.

Please plant a native tree after removing your Bradford Pear tree. We recommend Dogwood, Redbud, Serviceberry – all smaller trees – or a larger tree like an Oak or Red Maple.

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