Cat in a Box

June’s Cat In A Box

Alexandria, VA – “Tapatío is an escape artist who likes to think outside the box! He is 7 months old and as playful as a baby kitty. He loves chasing shadows & pouncing on anything that wiggles. He is always exploring and leaves no box unturned.” – Frank W Cooper, Alexandria

“My sweet Calico, Tulsi, enjoys her box more than whatever came in it.” – Carol Siegel, Alexandria

The next time your cat finds his or her way into a boxy predicament, snap a photo and send it to us. If we publish it, you will win a $25 gift card to an area retailer or restaurant. Be sure to include your cat’s name, your name, and your home address in case you win (so we can mail you your prize!). Please send to [email protected] with CAT IN A BOX in the subject line, along with a descriptive sentence or two.

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