Unseen Old Town

Unseen Old Town: What is This Building?


Photos and caption by “Governor” Burke

Alexandria, VA – As you walk around Old Town, from time to time, you may notice the simple traditional electronic door bells we know from days gone by. You might also notice the newer Ring type doorbells that connect to the internet and have a built in camera. What you may not have noticed is an earlier form of this technology which goes back to Victorian times and perhaps earlier than that. Last month’s picture feature a knob that when pulled will sound a doorbell inside the vestibule of the house. There are at least a couple others like the one seen here in the 200 block of Prince Street, which may still ring a doorbell that is mounted inside the house. Keep an eye out and you might spot one such knob.

Have you noticed this around town? Where is it? What do you know about it?

To see more quirky photos and close-up angles of secret and not-so-secret spots in Old Town, Alexandria, and jump in with guesses, and comments, follow the discussion, and submit your own photos for consideration, join the Unseen Old Town Facebook group!

As for the photo above, we will reveal what it is and where it is in our next issue, along with a new one for you to ponder.

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