Memorial Day 2020

Friends of Rocky Versace, Memorial Day 2020

We were very pleased to be able to record a Memorial Day remembrance in honor of Rocky Versace, an Alexandria recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. As we share this recording with you, we wish to thank Lee Perna for his help when the Zebra drafted him on the spot to be a cameraman while our staff tended to the sound. Lee is the President of Del Ray Films and CEO of Potomac Information Collection Services. As a resident of Alexandria since 1994, Lee has been actively involved in a variety of community projects and continues to provide support to local events whenever possible. The Zebra is always grateful and amazed at the willingness of our community to step in and help. Friends of Rocky Versace, Visit Del Ray, Visit Alexandria VA

Posted by The Zebra Press – GOOD News in Alexandria, VA on Monday, May 25, 2020