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Meet the organizations and nonprofits taking part in Spring2ACTion this year.

Alexandria Band ACB Submission 1

Alexandria Harmonizers S2A video

Alexandria Seaport Foundation


Bill Colosimo Alexandria Singers Spring2ACTion Promo 032121

Caitlin Kim CIS NOVA Spring2ACTion 2021

Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington

Christopher Richardson AOTH Spring 2 Action Video Final

Donna James Computer CORE 2

Jane Collins Heard Spring2ACTion intro video

Emily LaFlamme Spring2ACTion Video Final

Nara Hojvat Gallin Neighborhood Health

Kate Likas The Ballyshaners

Maria Carvalho Nueva Vida S2A 2021

Mary Lee Anderson Senior Services

Jane Franklin JaneFranklinDance

Mary Jo Smet zoom 0

Melissa Dobbs Spring to Action Take 11

Genesis Lazo Just Neighbors S2A 2021

Jane Franklin Sienna Brown Carpenter’s Shelter

PTAC Spring2ACTion

Keaira Kittrell Spring2Action Video

Emily Robinson SCAN Spring2ACTion 2021 staff interviews

Lizzette Arias Dream Project

Kathleen Sheehy UpCycle Spring2Action 2021

Jennifer Ayers ALIVE!

Elizabeth Jones Valderrama Spring2Action 2021

Lucy von Fahnestock Together We Bake

Local Motion Project S2A 2021

Project Discovery S2A

Alexandria Soccer Association S2A

ALIVE interview S2A

At Home in Alexandria S2A

Urban Alliance S2A

Grace EC Food Pantry S2A

Tall Ship Providence S2A

QuinTango S2A

Alexandria Symphony Orchestra S2A

Spring2ACTion on Z-TV LIVE!

Spring2ACTion on Z-TV LIVE!

Spring2ACTion on Z-TV Live! with The Center for Alexandria’s Children

Spring2ACTion on Z-TV Live! with The Campagna Center

Spring2ACTion on Z-TV Live! with Casa Chirilagua

Spring2ACTion on Z-TV Live! with Safer Country

Santa Claus Yacht club S2A interview

Community Lodgings S2A

Alexandria Harmonizers interview S2A

The Spitfire Club S2A

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