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Z-TV and ALX Community Combine Forces

Good News outlet to broadcast from ALX Community studio Alexandria, VA – Z-TV, the video division of Alexandria’s largest media source, The Zebra Press, is excited to announce a new partnership with ALX Community. Both companies will alternately host and broadcast shows live from the studio at ALX Community to air on the Z-TV network. […]

Zebra Podcast 6: Basim Mansour’s Philosophy For Success

Alexandria, VA – Basim Mansour doesn’t necessarily want more, he just wants to be the best. The former bodybuilder and President of Michael & Son, has grown his business from one truck after the death of his father in 1991, to more than 600 trucks in a coverage area with 11 locations and 1,000 employees […]

Zebra Podcast 5: Barrett Fife Isn’t Running… Yet, and Allison Goodhart on the ‘Amazon Fever’

Welcome to The Zebra Podcast, bought to you by Yates Corner! We hope that you enjoy our fifth show. What does Democracy look like to energized Alexandrians? Grassroots Democratic activist Barrett Fife is one of the shining stars in Alexandria’s political scene. While she’s not aiding Del. Mark Levine in Richmond, the 18-year-old (who just […]

Zebra Podcast 4: Councilor John Chapman is Wary of Scooters, Hitting Home Runs With Don Dinan’s Alexandria Aces

Alexandria, VA- Alexandria City Councilor John Taylor Chapman has some serious reservations on the city’s dockless mobility program, namely the fact that it is going to be reviewed this fall. In other words, Chapman doesn’t think that the city should continue with the electric scooter program throughout the summer, and he’s considering joining City Councilor […]

Zebra Podcast 3: Sheriff Dana Lawnhorne’s Fear of Flying, and Bill Blackburn Has Always Brought the Party

Alexandria, VA – Did you know that Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne has only been on two airplanes in his life? It’s true, and now you can believe him when he says that he never goes anywhere. https://soundcloud.com/user-881816397/zebra-podcast-03-dana-lawhorne-has-only-been-on-two-planes-ever This is one of the most fun podcasts we’ve done to date! Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne and Bill […]

Zebra Podcast 2: This Alexandrian Arranged Music For The Cosby Show, Morocco Day in Old Town, Paul Friedman’s Safer Country

Alexandria, VA – Back in the day everyone used to watch The Cosby Show, and the man who arranged all that music is Alexandrian Arthur Lisi. We talk with Art and his wife Nancy, Lisi, about their long careers in music, and listen to their latest offerings. We also talk with Mohammed El Hajjam, the […]

The Metro Shutdown, The Scooter Conundrum, and Running a Cupcake Shop: Here’s The Zebra Podcast

Alexandria, VA – Have you been hankering for a local podcast? Well, stop hankering. The Zebra Podcast is here! The show will focus on Alexandria and allow you to get your mind off your commute or during your evening run. In our first episode, we discussed the Metro Shutdown , along with the scooter situation, […]