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Greenstreet GreenWalls: Bringing the outdoors indoors

Posted on | July 17, 2017 | No Comments

Because nature makes us feel better

By Kris Gilbertson

If we could time travel back to the 1980s and 90s, we’d see that plants—lots of plants—were standard décor in large office buildings. By the turn of the century, this had gone away. Space limitations, the high price of footprint and plant services, even leaking containers and insects brought the decline of greenery in commercial space. But that came with its own price: deteriorating air quality, higher HVAC costs, and “sick buildings.”

Now, with the help of technology, indoor plants and all their benefits for people are coming back in a big way. Read more

“Legally blond” a Fizzy Summertime Treat at The Little Theatre of Alexandria

Posted on | July 24, 2017 | No Comments

By Sara Dudley Brown, Theatre Editor

Left to Right Rachel Cahoon as Margot, Morgan Arrivillaga as Elle Woods, Halle Kaufax as Serena, Benita Adams as Pilar
Photo by Matt Liptak

Did you ever ponder what a musical of the movie “Legally Blond” would be like?  Me, neither, but we should have.  This show is smart, funny, full of heart and positive messages, and is just plain feel good fun.  And, good news!  This cast is up to the task!  I enjoyed every lovely, frothy moment from the “Omigod You Guys” rollicking opening number to the finale with the audience standing, clapping and singing along with the cast!  And, oh yes, there’s a lot of Pepto Bismol pink in the ingenious sets and the delicious costumes.  I hear what you’re thinking.  “It’s just a silly fairy tale.”  Get over it! It works and you’ll love it! Read more

Alexandria Soccer Association’s U15 Boys Futsal ID team WINS US NATIONAL Futsal Tournament Championship

Posted on | July 20, 2017 | No Comments

Alexandria Soccer Association’s (ASA) U15 Boys Futsal ID team was crowned US Futsal National Champions Sunday evening. The Futsal – US Futsal Federation tournament, held in San Jose, California began last Thursday with group stage games.

ASA’s team won all three of its tightly contested group stage games to advance to the semifinals on Sunday morning. Read more

Councilman John Taylor Chapman to Attend Nation’s Largest Summit for Young Elected Leaders

Posted on | July 12, 2017 | No Comments

City Councilman John Taylor Chapman, proprietor of Manumission Tours, at the historic ice well, corner of Cameron and North Royal Streets. (Photographer: Lillis Werder)

Will Join Progressive Elected Officials in San Francisco

This week Alexandria City Councilman, John Taylor Chapman, will meet with fellow elected officials and national leaders in San Francisco at the 12th annual National Convening of People For the American Way Foundation’s Young Elected Officials Network.

At the convention, which is the largest gathering of young elected leaders in the country, Chapman will participate in issue-based training sessions with nearly 100 fellow progressive elected officials from across the nation to learn best practices for resistance at the state and local level, and create proactive strategies to bring back to all 50 states. Read more

Neal Learner’s “Life: A Comic Opera in Three Short Acts” Will Surprise You at D.C.’s Fringe Festival

Posted on | July 10, 2017 | 1 Comment

By Sara Dudley Brown, Theatre Reviewer

“Life: A Comic Opera in Three Short Acts” set
Photo by Clare Shaffer

Last night’s presentation of “Life: A Comic Opera in Three Short Acts” at the D.C. Fringe Festival, treated me to a totally new way of looking at life from birth to death.  I was present during the sweet and often hilarious courtship of Joan and Charles (all sung, of course), the somewhat difficult birth of their twins, Sally and Max, and witnessed much of their interesting life through the craziness of toddlers and adolescence, getting the twins off to college, then the incredibly emotional deaths of not one, but both parents.  It’s all well-sung, seamlessly blending the styles of opera, Broadway, jazz, pop, and doo wop AND it’s all packed into an opera in three acts finishing in a little over an hour.  It’s amazing how much emotional impact this piece has.  To my ear, happily, the overall style of music and the structure of the show are much like a very modern Gian Carlo Menotti. Read more

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