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Are You Ready for Winter?

By Ioana Lutai (Alexandria, VA) Heavy snow and ice, power outages, frozen or bursting water pipes, and treacherous driving conditions can be a hazard. Does your family have everything it needs for a long, cold winter? Have you stocked up on the essential supplies and prepared a go-kit in case you need to evacuate? If […]

Volunteer Alexandria Preparing Young People for Today’s Emergencies

By Ioana Lutai Whether unexpected or unthinkable, emergencies are becoming more widespread in schools, playgrounds, and other child-friendly places. To help keep young people safe, they need to be informed, prepared, and know what to do in the event of an emergency.  Volunteer Alexandria, in collaboration with Alexandria’s Office of Emergency Management, is offering learning […]


BY IOANA LUTAI, Emergency Preparedness Manager, Volunteer Alexandria What is Social Media? How do we get information during an emergency? Is Social Media important in disasters? Is the information obtain from accurate sources? Is the information news or just an opinion? If you would like to discover the answers to these questions, please attend the […]

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