Publisher's Note

August 2013 Publisher’s Note

This entry is the last thing I do before each issue prints, and I am starting to wonder if anyone actually reads these little notes and thoughts I pop into this spot.  But just for kicks, and for those of you purists who read publications page by page, here we go. This month I am proud to say we are strong into our third year, and it only happened because many generous people have helped get Zebra on its way.  Our contributing columnists, writers and photographers have given their valuable time and talents towards creating an innovative niche print product, and our loyal advertisers have given us a healthy foundation upon which we can continue to build.

So I guess this is a “thank you” letter – to the many people behind the scenes helping design our pages, scoot us off the presses, and effectively circulate 12,000 copies to homes and another 18,000 to shops, restaurants, retailers, pharmacies and grocery stores around town. It is also a “thank you” to the many people who have written and called and said that Zebra fills a void, and proves that “print is not dead.”

Welcoming your thoughts and suggestions always, Zebra looks forward to being part of your regular reading list for a long time to come.

Try out some of the fine restaurants and stores included in this edition, give a nod to the soldiers and statesmen that continue to preserve our freedom, and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Mary Wadland

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