Arlington Named Number Two for College Grads

Item 15-Arlington 2nd best city for college gradsAn on line financial site ( studied America’s top cities where college graduates stand a fighting chance and Arlington, Virginia clocked in at second place, following close behind Madison, Wisconsin.
According to the site, “Educated workers in this Inside-the-Beltway community enjoy the third-highest income in our study at $64,957 a year, and they’ll likely need it. Rents are high here — the second highest on our list at $1,761 a month for median gross rent. College graduates will find similarly educated company should they choose to live in Arlington: A full 34% of Arlington residents have a bachelor’s degree. Many workers in Arlington commute across (or under) the Potomac to D.C., but private employers can be found in Arlington, including Accenture and Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.”