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Wetland Restoration Starts at Four Mile Run Park

As part of the Four Mile Run Restoration Project, the City of Alexandria awarded the Four Mile Run Park wetland restoration project to Environmental Quality Resources (EQR). EQR will be on site to eradicate invasive species. During this time, the wetland area will be closed to the public.

In summer through winter 2015, EQR will remove, lower, and terrace the riverside portion of Four Mile Run Park by removing some existing artificial fill. This will establish and restore the historic wetlands prior to the 1970’s construction of the flood control channel. Native wetland species will be planted in the area. The improvement will not extend into the existing forested wetlands or the tidal freshwater marsh. An upland trail will be included to serve as a buffer between the proposed emergent tidal wetland and the existing forested wetland. During this time, there will be periodic pedestrian and cyclist detours in the Park. A concurrent project on the Arlington side will begin later in 2015.

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