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What Bugs Me by Debby Critchley

What Bugs Me July 2015 PHOTOI was driving to an appointment the other day using my GPS. The system said, “Your destination is on your left.” I realized that there were multiple buildings on my left. Which one was the correct one? Where were the address numbers on the buildings? It makes me crazy when I try to find an address, but I can’t find the number. Do you have your house number visible from the street? I had someone tell me once that the number was painted on the curb. Great, but you parked your car in front of the numbers. Think about it, would the fire department, police, or an ambulance be able to find your house? Del Ray Hardware, Lowe’s, and Home Depot sell numbers in various styles that can be hung by your door. If you can’t decide what size to get, get the larger ones. Make it easy for those of us coming to visit.  If you have a pet peeve or something that bugs you and you want to get off your chest, please email me at [email protected].

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