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Long-Needed City Hall Roof Repair Started

Repairs to the roof of Alexandria’s historic City Hall are overdue. Roofing timbers, ornamental cornices, gutters and downspouts have deteriorated over time after exposure to the elements.

The $1.24 million project will also restore the brick facade of the building and improve stability.

Scaffolding will be placed on the Royal Street side of City Hall, and the sidewalk will remain open to pedestrians. The Market Square entrance closest to Royal Street will be closed to the public. Customers should use either of the other two Market Square entrances or the Cameron Street entrance.

Construction is expected to be completed by September 1, but may be extended if needed. Meetings previously scheduled to be held in the City Council Chamber or Workroom will be moved to other locations during the construction period, since these rooms will be used by construction crews to access the roof.

New meeting locations will be posted at once they are determined.

The original City Hall was erected in 1752, on the site designated when Alexandria was founded in 1749. The 1817 replacement building was lost to fire in 1871, at which time the current City Hall was built. An addition was completed in 1961, and a renovation in 1981 fully joined the two halves. Today’s Market Square Plaza, on the same site in continuous use for farmers’ markets and assemblies since 1749, was completed in 1967. For project updates, visit

Expect Construction to Last thru September and Many Meetings to be Held Elsewheres

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