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Potomac Historic District Getting an Update

By the end of August, the re-survey of the Town of Potomac Historic District will be completed. The effort will add numerous buildings to the district that did not qualify because of their age when the district was first established in 1992.

I want to thank the Historic Alexandria Foundation for awarding the Del Ray Citizens Association a grant of $4,800 to pay for the new survey. The district is more than a point of civic pride, it is critical to preserving the “small town” quality of Del Ray that makes it a special place to live and work.

Next on our agenda will be an effort to create a new, larger historic district that will take in the rest of Del Ray that was not part of the Town of Potomac District. If you’re interested in supporting that effort, please let me know.

At the association’s June social at the No. 9 Lounge, we honored Alexandria first responders who took action on June 14 after a shooter fired on members of Congress at Simpson Stadium who were playing baseball.

In July, the Voice of America featured a story on Del Ray and how the neighborhood responded to hate-filled, racist flyers. It’s a good read, here’s the link:

The lifeblood of the Citizens Association is its member volunteers. If you have a question about the association or would like to know about volunteer opportunities, contact me at [email protected].

Our meetings resume on Wednesday September 13. Check out our website ( information on the agenda.

See you around the neighborhood!

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