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Incumbent Mayor Allison Silberberg Wins Coin Toss for Upcoming May 2 Debate

Del Ray Business Association representatives Bill Blackburn and Sandy Modell join Mayoral campaign managers, Eileen Cassidy Rivera and Nick Salzman to toss a coin for who gets first question at the debate. (Photo by Kelly MacConomy)

Mayor Allison Silberberg won the coin toss for the May 2 Mayoral Primary Debate this afternoon as her campaign manager Eileen Cassidy Rivera chose tails for the win! Nate Salzman, the campaign manager for Vice Mayor Justin Wilson, was very happy with the results of the coin toss.

Nate said, “We are really looking forward to the debate. We’re excited about the opportunity for Justin Wilson to present his ideas and vision for the City. We’ll debate anywhere anytime!”

Pork Barrel BBQ’s Bill Blackburn presided over the toss of the golden dollar coin which he borrowed from the Holy Cow Del Ray register for the occasion. (Photo by Kelly MacConomy)

Sandy Modell of Wholistic Hound Academy called it for tails, appropriately enough. Eileen said she chose tails because the backside of the coin held the image of the Statue of Liberty. Luck be a Lady Liberty this day!

The Alexandria Mayoral Primary Debate will take place May 2 at 7 pm at the Mount Vernon Community School 2601 Commonwealth Avenue Alexandria, VA.

Kelly MacConomy

Kelly MacConomy is the Arts Editor for The Zebra Press.

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