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Alexandria Elects Justin Wilson Mayor Amid Democratic Council Sweep

(l to r) Vice Mayor Elect Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, Council member Redella “Del” Pepper, Mayor Elect Justin Wilson, Council members Mo Seifeldein, Amy Jackson, Canek Aguirre and John Chapman at Glory Days Grill on Election Night. Photo by Elza Daniel.

Former Vice Mayor Justin Wilson glided into the Mayoral office unchallenged on November 6 while his all-Democrat Council easily slid in behind him during a record-breaking voter turnout. Aside from the unseating of incumbent Mayor Allison Silberberg in the primary, the major takeaway is the new faces on Council.

In Alexandria, the position of Vice Mayor is determined by which City Council candidate gets the most votes, and this time around, that person is Elizabeth Bennett-Parker who garnered a whopping 16.27%. She was followed by newcomer Amy Jackson with 14.67 %, incumbent John Chapman with 13.94 %, incumbent Del Pepper with 13.50 %, and newbies Canek Aguirre and Mo Seifeldein with 12.83 % and with 12.64 % respectively.

Current council serves through the end of 2018. The inaugural ceremony for new officers takes place January 2 in the T.C. Williams auditorium. Everyone is welcome.

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