Cat in a Box

Cat In A Box: Moses!


Cathy Schmidt wrote in, “We have many, many pictures of Moses in boxes, because he tries out every box that comes into our house, but this is one of my favorites. We had just gotten a shipment of pet supplies, but most of the space in the box was taken up by things for our dog. It’s almost like Moses is saying, ‘What! Nothing for me?’”

The next time your cat finds his or her way into a boxy predicament, snap a photo and send it to us. If we publish it, you will win a $25 gift card to an area retailer or restaurant. Be sure to include your cat’s name, your name, and your home address in case you win (so we can mail you your prize). Please send to [email protected].

Cathy just picked up a $25 gift card from Chadwicks in Old Town!

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