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Spring in Alexandria Signals Street Resurfacing

Alexandria VA – It may be painful but it is a necessary evil. We’ve all cursed and grimaced as we drive over rough and uneven pavement. The City understands your pain and has begun its season of street resurfacing projects. Starting Monday April 15, Alexandria will begin street resurfacing – complete repaving and replacement of street asphalt, from curb to curb.
The season’s resurfacing schedule is now available at During the first two weeks of the paving program, the following streets are scheduled for resurfacing: 
  • West Braddock (from North Van Dorn Street to Beauregard Street)
  • Clifford Avenue (from Commonwealth Avenue to Richmond Highway)
  • Church Street (from South Washington Street to South Patrick Street)
  • Mount Vernon Avenue (from Rosemont Avenue to end)
  • Wilkes Street (from South Columbus Street to South  Lee Street)
  • East Maple Street (from Commonwealth Avenue to Mount Vernon Avenue)
  • West Maple Street (from Commonwealth Avenue to North View Terrace)
  • Wolfe Street (from South Union Street to end)
Alexandria has more than 560 lane miles of road. Each year, the City resurfaces approximately 50 of those lane miles. The City uses a measurement called Pavement Condition Index, or PCI, to determine the condition of City roads. PCI, along with other factors such as volume and type of traffic, planned utility work, and cost are used to prioritize streets for repaving.
Residents whose streets are scheduled for resurfacing receive advance notice of paving work – typically by displayed project signs and/or door hangers. Temporary ‘No Parking’ signs are also posted before work begins. Please be sure to observe these signs to avoid tickets and potential vehicle relocation.
Hot-mix asphalt can be applied only in warm, dry weather. Expect delays for each day of bad weather. Temporary “NO PARKING” signs are posted on your block displaying restrictive times and dates. The street is milled (the top layer of the street is removed), utilities adjusted, and the signs removed. 
Paving typically takes place between 7 am and 5 pm, with some  work conducted overnight to accommodate heavily-traveled roads. Heavy equipment, which may be noisy at times, will be used during paving activities. During paving hours, access to the affected street is limited, but workers allow for local traffic to pass through for driveway access. City staff is on site managing the project, and at the end of each work day, roads will be fully open to allow for overnight parking and traffic.
Alexandria is one of only a handful of jurisdictions in Northern Virginia that is responsible for resurfacing its roads. In neighboring counties, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), the state transportation entity, owns all roads and handles major paving. Because Alexandria is a city, it owns most of its roads, and is responsible for resurfacing them.
Visit additional information about the City’s street resurfacing program. For questions or concerns about major street resurfacing, please use Call.Click.Connect or call 703.746.HELP (4357).

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