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Living Legends of Alexandria: African American Activists

The Alexandria Black History Museum, in collaboration with Nina Tisara, an Alexandria Living Legend, presents an exhibit of African American Activists, as conceived by Audrey Davis of the Alexandria Black History Museum

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Living Legends of Alexandria: African American Activists, is an exhibition at the Alexandria Black History Museum open from Saturday, April 20 – July 2019. It highlights the work of African American men and women who have made important contributions to the growth and productivity of the City of Alexandria. All of the photographs are the African Americans who have been recognized  as Living Legends of Alexandria since its beginnings in 2007 through the present. The photographs were taken  by Steven Halperson and Nina Tisara.

Native Alexandrian Dorothy Turner was an advocate for fair housing for under-represented tenants and was the first president of the Alexandria Tenants Council

The exhibition was conceived by Audrey Davis, director of the Black History Museum and presented by photographer Nina Tisara.  Living Legends of Alexandria is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify, honor and chronicle the lives of people making current history in Alexandria. The Legends are community activists, educators, lawyers, artists, arts advocates, businessmen and clergy. Each was shaped by the major issues of the era. Seen together, they are a multi-faceted mosaic of interacting social movements. The common thread for most is a desire to serve, to give back to their community. “What I like about this project is it reaches into business people, professionals, artists, activists. It’s everyone,” said Nina Tisara.

2011 Living Legend of Alexandria Lynnwood Campbell. Photo by Nina Tisara

For the Alexandria Black History Museum, presenting this exhibition on African American Living Legends highlights the amazing character of each legend and their commitment to the City of Alexandria. For many of the African American Legends, this meant fighting against the limits of segregation and institutional racism to make Alexandria a better place. More recent legends have walked on the shoulders of the legends before them. It is a legacy of community service that can serve as an inspiration to everyone.


Alexandria Black History Museum

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Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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