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Your Office Away From Home: Intelligent Office Cuts Ribbon at 2800 Eisenhower Ave.

Tired of working from home? Consider coworking.

The Intelligent Office ribbon cutting at 2800 Eisenhower Ave. (Photo by James Cullum)

Working from home can be so distracting, with the laundry and the dog and all those little errands that keep you from doing what’s important, like getting the important stuff out of the way. But if you live in Carlyle or in the area of Eisenhower Ave., there is another option.

Intelligent Office of Alexandria cut the ribbon on its newest location at 2300 Eisenhower Ave. on Thursday, April 11. The new 7,200 square-foot space is slightly larger than its predecessor around the corner at 2331 Mill Road.

“There’s all these townhouses and condos and apartments in the area and we’re here for them if folks don’t want to work at home,” Intelligent Office owner Matt Whitaker said. “We’re going to use this as a great events space, too. The majority of our business is reception and administrative services, and we answer people’s phones and receive their mail so that they don’t even have to show up here.”

Intelligent Office provides reception and administrative services, conference rooms and and offices that can be rented within an hour notice. New offerings including paralegal services and coworking, which allows clients to rent spaces for an hour at a time.

Source: Liquidspace



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