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Zebra Podcast 5: Barrett Fife Isn’t Running… Yet, and Allison Goodhart on the ‘Amazon Fever’

Worried about Amazon, Virginia Tech, Potomac Yard Metro and their impact on the housing and rental markets in Alexandria?

Barrett Fife on The Zebra podcast. (Photo by James Cullum)

Welcome to The Zebra Podcast, bought to you by Yates Corner! We hope that you enjoy our fifth show.

What does Democracy look like to energized Alexandrians? Grassroots Democratic activist Barrett Fife is one of the shining stars in Alexandria’s political scene. While she’s not aiding Del. Mark Levine in Richmond, the 18-year-old (who just wrapped her freshman year at William and Mary) is volunteering for Democratic Presidential candidate
Pete Buttigieg.

Fife, a lifelong Alexandrian was motivated to throw her hat into the political ring after President Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the 2016 presidential election. She is also one of the founding members of Students Demand Action DMV, which was formed after last year’s school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

What’s Up With Alexandria Real Estate? 

Are you worried about Amazon, Virginia Tech, Potomac Yard Metro, and so many other potential developments and their impact on the housing and rental markets in Alexandria?

So are we!

Allison Goodhart (Courtesy photo)

That’s why we brought Allison Goodhart of Compass Realty on the show, and asked her many of the important questions that you might be wondering about, such as:

  • What will be the effect of these big developments on housing prices in the region?
  • Where is the best location to buy a home in Alexandria?
  • And just for fun – what is the most expensive home that Compass Realty has on the market? You’ll be surprised…

“People have got the Amazon fever right now, and it’s causing a lot of renters who maybe renting in D.C. or Arlington, to want to buy before the Amazon people get here,” Goodhart said. “And a lot of sellers are holding on to their properties to see what the market is going to do to housing prices.” 

Goodhart said that millennials are driving up prices by moving into Metro-accessible areas.

“The Amazon impact is not real in the sense that they haven’t actually come yet, but it’s real in that it’s causing people’s emotions to impact their buying and selling decisions,” she said. 

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