Scene Around Town: Pups & Neighbors


Photos by Lucelle O’Flaherty

Connor Strauss with her two Shih Tzus, WINNIE and TUCK.

Dorathea Peters with HENRY, awarded “Most Distinguished Watchdog”.(Rosemont 4th of July Celebration)

Susan O’Flaherty Griffith with DUKE who received “Wild Man” award. (Rosemont 4th of July Celebration)

Emma Lynch with her new friend, TOBY who was awarded “Best Haircut” (Owner: Lori Quill). (Rosemont 4th of July Celebration)

Ralph Timmons with JACK at Oronoco Bay Park.

Joe Oliver with ANGUS at the opening of The Garden in Del Ray.

Kathryn and Lou Morga with BUDDY at Alexandria Birthday Celebration.

LADDIE a 10-week old Sheltie (Owner: Annie Westover)

LEFTY, a Bernese Mountain dog, won “Best Coat” with Susanna Thornton Dillon. (Rosemont 4th of July Celebration)

Lindsey Robinson with ROCKY at Alexandria Birthday Celebration.

Lucelle O’Flaherty with KAY K., who received the “Most Patriotic Zebra Mascot” award (Rosemont 4th of July Celebration)

Lynn Ribich devoted to FRITZZ, age 15.

Michaela and Sandy Flowers with FIONA.

Ms. Thomasson with SIR CHARLES BARKLEY (aka Charlie) who won “Most Adorable Shirt” award. (Rosemont 4th of July Celebration)

“Best Retail Store Greeter” awarded to TEDDY, here with Liz Tehrani (Owner, Serafino Leather). (Rosemont 4th of July Celebration)

Tina Leone with PEPON at the Vet’s office after they were reunited.

Tom and Ellen Hoffman and Charlie with THEO, who captured the “Best Family Dog” award.

VIOLET and Ellan Moore.

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