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Bee-Line to School! Whitaker Weinburger Gets Awesome Bumblebee-Inspired Birthday Gift

Yellow cars align Whitaker Weinberger’s street in Alexandria. (Photo: Jay Korff on Facebook)

Alexandria, VA – Whitaker Weinburger got a lot more than what he expected for his birthday! After being declared cancer free, his parents went the extra mile. See, Whitaker wanted a yellow Bumblebee toy for his birthday. It’s his favorite Transformer character, and on the big day he got his toy and something else – the street was lined with yellow cars from his house going all the way to his preschool.

“Bumblebees everywhere!” Whitaker shouted while walking to school, and escorted by news crews, family, friends, and supporters. “Thank you for all the Bumblebees!”

See Our Live Video of Whitaker’s Birthday Here! 

Erin Weinburger, Whitaker’s mother, came up with the idea and put it out on Facebook. Her goal of getting 50 yellow cars to show up was soon eclipsed by more than 100 participants from all over the region.

“He’s healthy and strong and happy, and we’re just really excited that he can celebrate and be around all the people,” his mom, Erin Weinburger, told NBC.


Whitaker’s grandmother, Anne Michaels Weinburger thanked the community and supporters who supported her grandson.

“Thank you for making this a day not only for Whitaker, but for the whole support system of friends and neighbors,” she said. 

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office arranged for the cars to line the streets.

“It’s great,” said Lt. Sean Casey of the Sheriff’s Office. “It’s a great example of how the community comes together to help someone get a deserved reward after what he’s been through.”

In addition to an appearance from Bumblebee himself, or at least a very convincing lookalike, Whitaker also received a kids-size Bumblebee sports car from TLC Auto Detail of Chantilly.

“I want to keep all of them,” Whitaker shouted on the walk to Charles Barrett Elementary School. “It’s my best birthday ever!”

Nancy Greenwood of Arlington saw the news of Whitaker’s upcoming birthday, and like many, showed up to help.  

“I saw it on the news and I thought, ‘I’ve got a yellow car. I’m there,'” Greenwood said. 


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