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Del Ray: The Mount Vernon Avenue Plans Need Updating. Got Any Ideas?

The 2019 Del Ray Music Festival. (Photo by James Cullum)

Alexandria, VA – Can you imagine? Alexandria wants your input on the future of Del Ray! It’s true. This fall, the City is hosting “community conversations” as the first part of the planning process to update the two Mount Vernon Avenue plans.

The 2005 Mount Vernon Avenue Business Plan and the 2003 Arlandria Action Plan are a little out of date, but reviewing them shows how their vision has so far been implemented.

Tree lighting along Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray, Alexandria, VA. (Photo Visit Del Ray)

According to the Mount Vernon Avenue Business Area Plan:

“Mt. Vernon Avenue is a vital corridor, with a rich history and eclectic character that makes it an attractive place to live, work and shop. Building upon its unique characteristics, the Avenue will remain a special neighborhood as change takes place. The vision for Mt. Vernon Avenue involves preserving its traditional neighborhood character, protecting its unique historical identity, serving the needs of the surrounding community and maintaining the Avenue as a competitive and viable place for business.”

Rainbow Rock Band in front of a signature Del Ray mural.

The process is just beginning and the public, neighborhood groups, and local businesses are invited to weigh in on when, where, and how the community conversations should be conducted.

The deadline for input is Oct. 4, and anyone interested should contact Principle Planner Radhika Mohan at 703-746-3850.

Mind the Mat hosts free Pilates classes on Mount Vernon Avenue. (Photo: Will Niccolls)

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