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Let’s Talk: Women’s Suffrage and the Equal Rights Amendment on Oct. 3

The Portrait Monument in the Capitol Rotunda depicting suffragist pioneers Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Lucretia Mott. (Photo: Office of the Architect of the Capitol)

Alexandria, VA – The Women’s Suffrage movement changed history, and their powerful words and strategies led to the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972. That was nearly 50 years after it was first introduced in Congress.

The Amendment will be the focus of a three-person panel of experts on Oct. 3 at The Tower Club Tysons Corner. The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial Association is hosting the event, which will include the following speakers:

Dr. Ann Burnette, an associate professor of communications at Texas State University. Burnette will discuss the communication and rhetoric of the suffrage movement, as reflected in speeches and other materials. She sees strong parallels with debates over women’s rights today.

Edie Mayo, curator emerita of political history at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History,. Mayo will describe the suffragists’ visual images.

Julia Tanner, president of the Virginia Equal Rights Coalition, will highlight the ERA advocates’ communication strategies.

Historical Marker near the original Occoquan Workhouse describes how suffragists’ imprisonment. (Photo by Jane Barker)

The Turning Point Suffragist Memorial is planned to be built at Occoquan Regional Park, which is near the former Lorton Prison, also known as the Occoquan Workhouse, where suffragists were imprisoned in 1917 for protesting women’s right to vote.

Widespread news of their ill treatment at the facility became the turning point in the passage of the 19th amendment.

Tickets for the event are $75.

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One Comment

  1. Hooray for the Suffragists who got us the vote by assertively demanding it and working endlessly hard.

    Well, the Equal Rights AMendment is a lot older at nearly 100 years of our giving rationale that Sex-Equal Treatment must be ratified by just one more state now so that sex discrimination against Males as well as Females must be Constitutionally disallowed if we are to be called a “democracy”.
    The Other Political Party doggedly has resisted our hard and dangerous work to grant this noble Amendment passage into US Constitution for our own organization’s nineteen solid years of working for it 18/7, unpaid.

    In fact, recently when Florida’s Republican Senate President was politely asked whether he would schedule a Public Hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment after generously allowing us “30 seconds!, he leaned forward to scream, “NO!” and refused to give a reason! All the crowds standing nearby heard his scream and were aghast.”

    Just thought folks should know the truth.

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